Top culinary trends of 2024

As we kick off 2024 it’s time for…

Top culinary trends of 2024

As we kick off 2024 it’s time for us to once again peak into our culinary crystal ball and share our foodie trend predictions for you to explore as the year rolls out. 

Food at The George in Kilsby

Super spice-infused meals

2024 is anticipated to be the year of culinary adventure – a year that will see diners exploring new flavours and dishes bursting with fiery ingredients. A love for spicy condiments like chilli oil and hot sauce was growing rapidly over 2023, and it might not come as a surprise to hear those flavours aren’t going anywhere. 

If you’re craving some heat in your dishes, then look no further than The George at Kilsby. Your tastebuds are sure to be tingling as you tuck into the likes of our Tiger Pork Belly Puffs accompanied by sriracha mayo.

Plant-based dishes with a twist

A passion for plant-based cuisine is nothing new, but what we’ll see this year is diners wanting more. People want innovation, they want to see dishes with a twist – cocktails of flavours that they haven’t seen or tasted before. 

Looking for a plant-based plate with a difference? Why not try our Beetroot and Chickpea Burger, layered with dahl and curry leaf, served with gherkin, pink onion, tzatziki, tomato and harissa?

Food for your eyes with Food at The Georgebold colour palettes

While bold flavours continue to take centre stage, bold colour palettes are rapidly becoming a ‘must have’ too. After all, the saying ‘we eat with our eyes’ has never been more true. Diners are turning their backs on bland and looking for dishes bursting with colour, vibrancy and excitement – rich in colour, rich in flavour too. Think bold reds, hot pinks, deep purple and saturated yellows.

Worldwide cuisine continues top of the menu

Last year we predicted global flavours would top the trends – and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. In 2024 we will continue to see a rise in international dishes on the menu, bringing together worldwide ingredients and hearty homecooked comfort. 

DessertLittle plates will prove popular at dinnertime

We’re seeing a diners shift towards wanting smaller dishes in the evening. Tapas-style choices and small plates are sociable and offer foodies the opportunity to try a multitude of flavours. Ordering a selection of dishes gives people the chance to customise their dining experience by placing a variety of bite-sized dishes on one plate.

The rise of ‘sea-cuterie’ boards

Whether it’s kicking off your meal as a starter-for-one or ordering for the table as a sharing board – who can resist a charcuterie board when it’s on the menu? But what about a ‘sea-cuterie’ board – like the meat platters but with fish-based treats instead. If the sound of a sea-cuterie board has got your mouth watering, then visit The George at Kilsby and get stuck into a seafood platter. Complete with crispy salt and pepper squid, masala fried whitebait and rock shrimp tempura, our seafood platter is perfect for those with an appetite for seafood. 

Enjoy a meal with loved ones at The George at Kilsby in 2024

One thing for sure is that 2024 is set to be an exciting year for those who like dining out and foodies with a passion for trying new flavours. So if reading this blog has got your tastebuds tingling then book a table at The George at Kilsby today. With plenty on our menus for all ages, make sure visiting The George at Kilsby is part of your 2024.