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Young woman posing near the Christmas tree on the street
The boots have been dusted off, the scarves are coming out, the hats are being pulled on and our diaries are quickly filling up with festive gatherings. It can only mean one thing - Christmas is on its
Herbs and spices
We explore some of our favourite autumnal dishes - taken directly from our menu here at The George at Kilsby - that are sure to delight your taste buds.
Does anything beat tucking into a mouthwatering breakie at your favourite local restaurant at the weekend? We thought not. Not sure what to pick? Here are our favourite breakfast dishes to
Who doesn’t love washing a meal down with a delicious drink that compliments every flavour of the dish? But figuring out what drink will go down with your chosen meal can be difficult. The trick is to find
Does it get any better than alfresco dining? As you soak up the summer, sipping on an ice-cold beverage before taking in the evening’s sunset as you tuck into some tasty grub. No, we don’t think so either.
Food at The George in Kilsby
The sun is shining and summer is in full swing - so it’s time to get out, and enjoy the warm weather in all its glory.