Our favourite drinks pairings at The George

Who doesn’t love washing a meal down with…

Our favourite drinks pairings at The George

Who doesn’t love washing a meal down with a delicious drink that compliments every flavour of the dish? But figuring out what drink will go down with your chosen meal can be difficult. The trick is to find the perfect pairing, and our team at The George in Kilsby is here to help.

In this blog, we look at some of our standout dishes and pair each one with our top choice of beverage – taken directly from our drinks menu.

Cocktails work great with small plate starters

Thinking of enjoying a selection of our small plates to kickstart your evening? This gives you the perfect opportunity to explore some of our delicious cocktails. Like almost all drinks, there are certain cocktail concoctions that naturally complement particular flavours.

If you’ve gone with a chicken or fish-based small plate, like our salt & pepper calamari and Srilankan spiced scallops, then consider something light, fruity and fizzy. How about a French 75? Or one of our personal favourites, a Blackberry & Basil Blush. Both of these are created with a prosecco base, topped with a splash of gin and mixed with fresh fruit and herbs.

Salads, chicken and fish-based dishes

If you’re opting for chicken, fresh salad or a fish-based dish as your main course, you have a couple of options. You could continue with another cocktail, in this instance, perhaps one of our refreshing Martinis – from Lychee to Lemon Grass & Ginger, Blueberry or your classic French, we have plenty to choose from.

Alternatively, order yourself of Sauvignon Blanc. Our preference would be Dashwood – this New Zealand grape is bursting with citrus notes and promises a light body that won’t overpower your salad greens.

Additionally, if you’re dining alfresco-style in our brand-new outdoor area, then you might be tempted to pair your dish with a rosé. And who would blame you? Rosé is easy-to-drink and light, pairing perfectly with seafood and light salads. At The George at Kilsby, we have two Rosé options – if you like your wine sweet, then order a glass of Wicked Lady White Zinfandel. Or, perhaps you like your wine a little more dry? In which case, try our Parini Pinot Grigio Rosato.

Our non-alcoholic alternative: try a virgin bramble.

Red meats and heavier flavours

It will come as no surprise to hear that if you’re ordering red meat, like our 35 days aged striploin steak, lamb Roganjosh pie or hand-pressed double beef burger, then we would advise pairing it with a glass of red. For a glass full of rich, deep and smooth flavour, try Luna del Sur Malbec – this Argentinian grape is a firm favourite.

Our non-alcoholic alternative: a refreshing glass of coca cola.

All things spice

If your dishes are full of spice, then you might choose to still with cocktails. In which case, why not pair your meal with either a Margarita or Mojito – both of which will help to balance out those fiery flavours. 

Our non-alcoholic alternative: try a virgin mojito. 

Complete your evening with a mouthwatering drink and dessert

The fun doesn’t stop just because you’ve reached dessert. If you’ve still got room for something sweet, then why not pair it with an apres-dinner beverage?

If you’re tempted by a fruit-based dish, like our passion fruit cheesecake or lemon posset, then either will pair perfectly with a cosmopolitan or mai tai. Alternatively, your classic gin and tonic will also do the trick.

If cheese and biscuits are more to your liking, then either a crisp white wine like Errázuriz Chardonnay or a lighter red wine like Joseph Mellot Destinéa Pinot Noir would go well. If you don’t fancy a vino, then try a lager – yes, believe it or not, a refreshing pint pairs perfectly with cheese and biscuits. 

Our non-alcoholic alternative: pair with a cup of coffee or tea. We are proud to house a huge selection of both classic and unusual hot beverages here at The George at Kilsby. Browse our tea and coffee menu here.

Are you ready to delight your taste buds with the perfect dish and drink pairing?

If you are in Northamptonshire or Rugby, then this is your sign to book a table at The George at Kilsby. Complete with a selection of mouthwatering menus ready and waiting, The George at Kilsby is perfect for family, friends, colleagues or simply a beverage stop during your weekend walk. We can’t wait to welcome you.