Foodie Date Night Ideas

February – it’s the month of love, right?…

Foodie Date Night Ideas

February – it’s the month of love, right? What, with Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day slap bang in the middle? And with Cupid readily preparing his bow here at The George, our team have come up with our favourite foodie date night ideas. Whether you’re heading out on a date for the first time, a married couple ready to escape the kids and enjoy a night off, or a group of mates looking for an excuse to get together – these foodie date nights promise something for everyone.

Enjoy a cookery class

Who said date night should only be about sitting at a table and enjoying a meal? How about shaping your night around an experience? Look no further than a cookery class. Have fun and learn to cook a delicious meal with your date, what’s not to love? If you’re a curry fan, then this is your sign to join The George’s head chef Hari for one of our tastebud-tingling curry classes. You and your date will be taken on a journey through India, as you learn to create authentic curry dishes, before tucking into a delicious dish and cocktail.

The pub-walk pairing

Did you know that heading out for a walk naturally releases endorphins in our brains, making it the perfect date activity – leaving you will all the positive vibes required. So kickstart your date, by heading out for an early evening walk, before topping the night off with a deliciously mouth-watering meal from The George at Kilsby. 

Attend a supper club

If you’re looking to step outside of your comfort zone and try something slightly different, then consider attending a supper club. Supper clubs tend to offer a pre-selected menu, giving visitors the chance to taste new flavours and enjoy dishes they wouldn’t usually pick. Wave goodbye to awkward date night silences – our Supper Club at The George promises an unforgettable experience that guarantees to keep the conversation flowing from the very start of your evening. 

The usual date night, with a twist

Some people just fancy heading out for a meal – and of course, that’s absolutely fine. But why not spice up your date night, by adding in a little twist? 

1. Pick a meal for your date

We’ve all been there – you know what you like, so you pick that same dish from the menu, every single time. Why not try something different? It’s time for you and your date to pick what the other eats. This is a really easy way to make the traditional date night, just that bit more interesting – and you never know, you might just end up discovering your new favourite dish. This is a great icebreaker for first dates!

2. Let the dice pick your dish

If you don’t fancy putting your meal choice in the hands of your date, then why not enlist a dice to decide what dish you enjoy? All you have to do 

is simply bring a dice along to your date, give it a roll before you order each course – and then, pick your dish according to the number shown. With the likes of Asian-inspired salads, juicy burgers and woodfired pizzas all available from The George at Kilsby, you won’t be left disappointed – whatever the dice shows.


Tuck into something delicious at The George at Kilsby 

Are you ready to book your next date night? From our specially designed Valentine’s Day menu to our a la carte dishes, cookery classes or supper club, The George at Kilsby has your next date night, sorted.